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Looks like my old gag has a new life! (Different pasta, same joke.)

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Hi, if there any hope of these being posted again? I was only able to see the first three episodes before they were taken down. Thanks, Chad
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Hey Chad, we’d love to get these back online, but there doesn’t seem to be a streaming video solution available that will enable us to do it anymore. We can experiment with making them available to download, but that really gets into a legal grey area with copyright laws. Would still love any suggestions anyone can offer to get these back up! If we only had ABC’s blessing, there would be no problem at all.

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Like your concept, even if you didn't get to finish / keep it displayed. I made some remarks about it on my 6/30 post on my lostspiration tumblr.
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Megavideo is offline

Hey all, in case you haven’t heard the news, Megaupload has been taken down by the FBI. This means that its sister site, Megavideo is also now offline. And since Megavideo is where all the episodes of Lost Revised were hosted, those are now all offline too.

You can read more about what went down over at

In the meantime, can anyone recommend another site where we can host the episodes of Lost Revised? While we do feel these revised episodes are a form of artistic expression, they clearly contain copyrighted material, meaning that YouTube and Vimeo are unfortunately not an option.

Any suggestions much appreciated!

UPDATE: Just to clarify, we need a site that provides embeddable streaming-video players, not just a place to upload the files. Ideas?

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Are these free to watch? When I click on them they link me to downloading software!

The episodes are all free to watch!

Unfortunately, because of the way the players work, you will get a pop-up ad when you first click “play.” However, all you need to do is close the ad, then click the play button again, and it should function properly.

Basically, when the play button is red, clicking it will launch the ad. Then the play button will turn green (in the original window), and clicking it will play the episode.

Let us know if you’ve tried that and you’re still having trouble!

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Are there any more episodes of LOST Revised coming?
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Absolutely! We’ll be finishing the whole project VERY soon. Stay tuned and let us know what you think!

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And now for a little comic relief…

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Episode 13 REVISED

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We had to come back!!

Friends, it’s time for the return of Lost Revised. We’re dreadfully sorry for the long delay between episodes. Let’s call it a mid-season break, shall we? Needless to say, real life got the best of us for quite a while, but we remain committed to this project, and are now on course to see it through to the end. Episode 13 is going online today, and the final five episodes will follow shortly after.

Honestly, we figure if you stuck with Lost for the full six seasons, you clearly have a great deal of patience, and this little break is nothing compared to some of the other waits we all had to endure. Hopefully you’ve been enjoying this project so far, and have decided that the idea we set out to prove is a solid one. Check out episode 13 and let us know what you think. More to come very soon.

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I was wondering if you are going to make the eniter 'revise' available for torrents so people can enjoy this brilliant idea on their T.V. sets? I hated the FS and it really ruined S6 for me, I couldn't get over how distracting it was to the island timeline...Thank You so much for this!!!
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Hey, good question! I’m going to have to wait until I’m finished and then see. Check back in after the finale is up, and I’ll have a better answer for you then.

Meanwhile, another quick update: I know I promised a new episode over the weekend, but I’ve been super busy, and will now be on vacation for the next couple of weeks. Long story short, the next episode will be up here the first week of November.

Sorry for the delay, but I promise it’s worth it. Plus, we’re almost there!